All Varieties

All Varieties

Amarosa holds vibrant red skin and flesh. Amarosa tubers are small with shallow eyes. It is an excellent fit for the fresh, gourmet market as it boasts a unique flavor and holds its vibrant red color after cooking. This variety shows high resistance to scab and tuber blight but is susceptible to PVY. The storage abilities of this variety are above the normal standard for fingerlings.

Austrian Crescent

Austrian Crescent is a crescent-shaped tuber with yellow, smooth skin and light-yellow flesh. It is a valuable contender in the fresh market, as it is excellent in salads, deliciously boiled, and holds its unique flavor, steamed or roasted. Austrian Crescent shows high resistance to PVY and bruising and handles well on machinery.

Russian Banana

Banana Fingerling is an Heirloom variety displaying smooth light-yellow skin and flesh. This variety has excellent flavor and is a favorite among chefs in the gourmet market. It is susceptible to PVY but boasts a high resistance to common scabs with a high tuber set.

Belmonda grows attractive round to oval tubers with uniform sizing, shallow eyes, robust yellow skin, and yellow flesh. Belmonda is resistant to potato wart disease race1, admirable tolerance against bruising, Rhizoctonia, blackleg, phytophthora, and internal rust spot. The yield under dry conditions is exemplary, especially during the second growth. It also has great storage ratings.

California White

This oblong rough, netted, buff skin whitening is a high yielder with fewer large tubers per plant. It is a great contender in the baking and processing market. Its thick stem and large plant perform well in hot climates but may form heat sprouts in the heat. This variety’s susceptibility includes oversized tubers, common scabs, storage soft rot, and PVY. It also has shown resistance to black spot bruises and early death. This potato stores well and has a short dormancy and medium to high specific gravity.


This attractive high yielding round to oblong, smooth red is well suited for table stock. It has shallow eyes and white flesh. Chieftain has a wide adaptability to different growing conditions and has shown resistance to scabs, net necrosis, stem end browning, and late blight.


Ciklamen is a grower-friendly variety offering beautiful red skin with creamy white flesh. It is well known in the creamer market, growing small to medium oval tubers. Ciklamen has resistance to PVY, PVX, and PLRV as well as common scab and late blight. Ciklamen handles well on machinery and has a good tolerance to bruising.

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Natascha is an early, high-yielding potato. With yellow skin and bold yellow flesh. It grows long oval tubers with shallow eyes. Natascha shows great resistance to Rhizoctonia, black leg, bruising and PVY. It is a great contender in the Fresh market with a great outlet in market quality.

Purple Fiesta

Purple Fiesta provides shiny, smooth purple skin, deep purple flesh, and shallow eyes. It has a high yield with an early to mid-maturity as a fingerling. It boasts a high resistance to powdery, common scabs and PVY. It fits nicely in the fresh fingerling market and can keep its deep purple color.

Purple Majesty


Purple Majesty boasts beautiful purple skin with deep purple flesh. It shows high resistance to early blight as well as second growth. It is a great fit for the fresh market, as well as the process market. Purple Majesty has a high yield, with oval medium size tubers. And leaves a lasting impression with its storage capabilities.

Purple Petite presents with deep purple skin and flesh. It produces masses of small round tubers medium to late in its growing cycle. The flavor is like none other making it a top contestant in the fresh gourmet market.

Ruby Red grows striking red skin with creamy white flesh. The tubers grow medium to large with high resistance to common scabs and many viruses. Ruby Red keeps its great qualities in storage and is a perfect fit for the fresh produce market.


Satina boasts beautiful yellow skin with yellow flesh. The tubers grow medium to large with a very high yield per plant. It has outstanding tolerance to common scabs, tuber blight, mechanical damages and bruising, and second growth. It holds great in long storage and is great for the fresh market.


This smooth high yielding medium russet is oblong and needs consistent watering not to become misshapen. Because of its low sugar and high starch content, it is a great processor. This variety is susceptible to bruising at harvest and shows resistance to early death.

Violet Thumb carries a deep purple skin with matching flesh. It has deep eyes that make this quite the striking Potato. It is a medium to large fingerling potato with a high tuber yield. Violet Thumb shows high resistance to PVY as well as common scab. This is an excellent match for the specialty, gourmet, and fresh pack markets.